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Apocalyptic Planet
Apocalyptic Planet
Field Guide to the Everending Earth
Ours is not a stable planet. It is prone to sudden, violent natural disasters and extremes of climate. In this exploration of our globe, I've gone to where apocalypse is happening now.
Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers
A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession
Beyond what most people think about archaeology--with its cleanly numbered dates, and discoveries--lies a vibrant and controversial realm of scientists, thieves, and contested land claims.
The Animal Dialogues
The Animal Dialogues
Uncommon Encounters in the Wild
This book is a collection of my own encounters, staring at animals for as long as they would stay. The stories range from the Arctic to Central America, from Arizona to Manhattan. From a praying mantis to a grizzly, jaguar to a hummingbird.
The Secret Knowledge of Water
The Secret Knowledge of Water
Discovering the essence of the American desert.
A desert, by definition, lacks it, but when water does come, it is magical, and sometimes in devastating abundance.
House of Rain
House of Rain
Tracking a vanished civilization across the american southwest.
A mix of highly personal journeys and hard-boiled archaeology, this book explores the so-called disappearance of the Anasazi.

Why Am I Not There? August 24, 2017
Why Am I Not There?
I've heard totality is a mystical experience, once in a lifetime. Your inner picture of the earth, possibly the entire cosmos can change. Ive driven eight hours for far less....

Oracle in the Desert
A feature story from Orion Magazine

Anasazi field story
NPR piece produced by Adam Burke

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Perfect Quiet
Miller-McCune Magazine (link)
Searching for refuge -- and, perhaps, health -- in a sickeningly loud world.

The Southwest's good ol' artifact boys
Los Angeles Times
You might have an imaginary picture of the pot hunters and collectors, a crew of dirty, well-armed black-market privateers roving the desert (in the case of many Western pot hunters, you'd be right)...

The Memory of Water
Wings [The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation] (pdf)
It is a hard and beautiful way to live, counting on ephemeral water holes like this. You have to be ready for long periods of waiting, traveling at night to preserve water in your body, sleeping in daytime shade...

Rise of the Minotaur
High Country News (link)
Crowd-roar rains down as the man floats in the air, no part of his body touching the bull except for his face, which slams into the beast's reared-back forehead. A crack visibly arcs from the rider's spine to his boots.

House of Rain Slideshow

Spring, 2010
Salar de Atacama, Chile
It is awful ground for walking, slabs breaking, cutting, shattering...

Spring, 2010
Atacama Desert, Chile
I go down on my knees licking a clear, wildly-eroded boulder, biting off bits of it...

Spring, 2010
Rio Baker, Chile
Gray tongues of the Baker heave over an edge with steel-bending force, sheets of mist ripping into the air...

Spring, 2010
Nef Glacier, Patagonia
The blue of ice deepens. Baby blue at first, it descends into a shadowy, saturated sea, a color so agonizingly rich it seems perilous...

Spring, 2010
Paddling the San Juan River into Lake Powell
The river has jumped its channel and now flows across open country. It has hit a bedrock ridge and is pouring over into a fresh waterfall...

Winter, 2010
East Rift Zone, Hawaii
Shadows tear open and spill out bright, ropey intestines. Liquid suns. Spreading, luminous bellies...

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