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August 28, 2012
Apocalyptic Planet Excerpt: Atacama Desert

Crossing Salar de Atacama with JT (photo:CC)
Crossing Salar de Atacama with JT (photo:CC)
Wake, walk, rest, drop. This is how you move across emptiness. Drink, note, stop, stare. Photograph, scribble, look at map, decide maps is useless. Look at map again. No ants, no scavengers, no birds, no morsels of food. Only it wasnt emptiness. It was walking though rubble made of white-frosted plumes.

We knew there was a chance of hitting water somewhere in the middle of the salar, but the day before, while we studied our map, it seemed that finding a water body on this salar would be like trying to find a dime on a basketball court.

We'd found the dime.

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